ARC Recirculation Valves

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Pump protection valve | Automatic recirculation valves (ARC) protect centrifugal pumps against instability and cavitation during low flow conditions. The valve reduces noise and temperature increase during this condition.


Should the pump main flow changes and reduce, the valve will open mechanically to a bypass min flow as per pump manufactures specifications.
Resulting perfect control and most importantly protect the pump against potential damage.

The main Flow moves the check valve, which is connected via a lever assembly to the Bypass Modulating system. The valve in the natural position (meaning Main Flow valve is closed) will open the Bypass valve fully , this will allow required minimum flow according to pump manufacturers specifications and will control the delivery pressure down to suction pressure.

Opening the Main Flow control valve will result an increase flow in the ARC valve, this will lift the check valve resulting the Bypass valve to close proportionally. The Bypass valve will be fully close when the check valve reaches maximum travel. Maximum travel is normally reached at 30% max. Flow pending pump specifications.

ARC Valve Bypass design will be selected pending pump pressure (Pump Head) and suction pressure and Flow.

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