RR Series Ball Valve is in two-piece body, floating ball and side-mounted design. It is designed as per API608 and fire tested as per API607.
Sealing materials available for various pressure and temperature ranges are PTFE, PPL, PEEK, DELRIN, Molon, etc.

Pipeline Ball Valves are full bore ball valves, it is included floating ball valve and trunnion ball valve, it cover low pressure(150Lb) to high pressure(2500Lb), it is widely used in oil & gas, petrochemical and other pipe which is need free pressure-drop or long-distance pipeline cleaning.

Top guided plug with contoured smooth flow face offers good flow capacity, high precision, meanwhile, flow pressure is resumeable. It is suitable for applications with low differential pressure. Seat is designed for sealing by pressing, offering easy maintenance as it can be taken out for repair or replacement from top of body. Each valve size is designed with various Cv value trim. Soft seated trim can meet applications calling for emergency shut off with good tightness. Good controlability at small opening and good stability of flow characterizes.Special designed trim is available to meet requirements of application for noise reduction or cavitation resistance.

KV DQ knife gate valves are linear shut off valves that are light weight with compact construction. Valves are available as manual with hand ­wheel,or can be automated with pneumatic cylinder actuator for remote operations The arc shape of the gate of our knife gate valve is designed to be particularly suitable for cutting off fluid containing fiber or susp­ended particles, so the knife gate valves are ideal for many applications in the process industries of Pulp & Paper, Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Sugar Making and Chemical Processing. 

Linuo/Linor top quality butterfly valves are suitable for both on/off and throttling services. The triple offset design incorporates torques in seating for tight shutoff or control even in the roughest applications. Industries where the triple offset butterfly valves are widely used include Power, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pulp and Paper.

KV Controls stock a vast range of 3 piece ball valves, the KVC 3-piece ball valve comes with extended buttweld ends, thus the valve can be welded in without stripping the assemble prior installation, as a standard these valves has a ISO mounting pad for direct mount .

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