Electro Hydraulic Actuator

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ProControl EHS & EHD series actuators are composed by a SHS or SHD actuator combined with an electro hydraulic power unit.


ProControl electro hydraulic system is suitable for several applications, such as on/off, total modulating service and partial stroke testing. It can also achieve an ultra-fast fail safe stroke within < 200 MS by means of the special integrated hydraulic discharging system, complete with damping device to absorb the shock in the last part of the stroke. ProControl can supply central hydraulic units designed to operate any number of actuators/valves from a single control centre. ProControl’s electro hydraulic actuators give client peace of mind due to the reliability of the product due to complete independence from pipeline pressure as power source



  • Designed for hazardous areas II2G EEx-de IIC T4-T6 according ATEX.
  • Stainless steel HPU cabinets with min. IP65.
  • ATEX certified electric control system.
  • 2 off 2-way solenoid valves with hand operated lever (optional voltages on request).
  • Electric motor pump 400V AC / 3 Phase 50 Hz (optional voltages on request).
  • Typical power range from 1.1 kW up to 4 kW and from 1000 - 3000 turns in single and three phases.
  • Hydraulic hand pump for emergency operation in case of power failure or pressure drop.
  • Pressure control with analogue signal.
  • Safety valve, oil filter, stainless steel oil reservoir.
  • Hydraulic accumulator (bladder or piston type) sized on client demand for numbers of required powerless strokes.
  • Optional: special insulated control station complete with an internal explosion proof heating system to operate in low temperatures and arctic conditions.

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